Saturday, December 31, 2011

Craziest Year Ever

Wow. So it's December 31st, 2011. I can't believe how crazy this year has been. I know I haven't posted on here in a while, and for good reason. I got married on October 8th, and still continued the semester in college, alongside working at the gym. It's been really busy. My new name is "Rachel Lonetti", and I have yet to find another Rachel Lonetti (yes, I've googled and facebooked my new name, and it's the only one I can find....pretty cool feeling :D). So, as I sit with a cold (typical me - my new hubby has lovingly adjusted to my frequent sicknesses) on New Year's Eve and my hubby is at  work, I'm reflecting on this past year. It's been a crazy one. I met him about a year and two days ago. I remember praying on my 18th birthday that I would meet my hubby before I turned 19. And not only did I meet him, I married  him almost 3 months ago. Last January 1st, I barely knew Joe. My family had his parents over for New Year's dinner. He had tried to show signs of interest, but at the time, I was trying really hard NOT to. He thought I was 16 and didn't think it'd work - I thought he was 24 and didn't think it'd work. When he found out I was 18, he figured it could work if only I weren't so career focused - when I found out he was 27, I figured it could work if only he were younger, or if he saw that I would be willing to be less career focused. Somehow, the Lord put us together despite the insane impossibilities. I went back to Westminster Choir College ready to complete another semester; a week later, I transferred home and began a relationship with Joe on Valentine's Day, 2011 (he's such a romantic). We got engaged on April 3, 2011 (and I found out later that he actually bought my ring on April Fool's Day - so much like Joe :D). We've definitely had our ups and downs already, but we both realize how human and fallen we both are, and that has helped us resolve most of our conflicts fairly quickly. We don't expect perfection of each other because we know we aren't perfect. We may not have a lot in the world's eyes, but we have more than we could ever want in each other and in the Lord. And it's been great. As to our goals for this upcoming year, I want to get the house organized. It's really interesting being a new wife - I know how to organize my own stuff, but throwing cleaning supplies, food, Joe's clothes, food storage containers, towels, etc. into the mix is difficult. There are way more things to organize, and it's not like I can always just go out and buy all of the storage stuff that I want. And budgeting is a new concept to me - I coupon and look for sales, whereas Joe doesn't have a tendency to do that - he just budgets. Which is why I think we're good for each other. Combining the two concepts has been interesting to work through, but it's a good process. We also want to create a demo - we've written a couple of songs together, and even with just keyboard sound effects and drum stuff, some of our stuff sounds pretty sweet. We can't wait until we can finally get into the studio. We probably need to write two more good songs, and then we'll be ready to record. In the meantime, I'm going to work on getting a certification in both pilates and latin dance (aka Zumba) so that I can start teaching classes this spring. And yes, I'm going to continue with college. I'll be taking 14-15 credits this upcoming semester, in addition to working and teaching classes (not to mention practicing, which is a full time job in and of itself). So this upcoming few months will be quite hectic. And then of course, there's the dreaming part - we're saving up for a house, and I'm starting to piece together what I want our dream home to look like (and thankfully both Joe and I have the same taste - modern and classic - so hopefully we'll be able to find something in that style). But back to reflecting - this year has been great. Meeting a complete stranger, falling in love, and getting married. It's almost like a movie.  And I'm so grateful - 2011 is definitely a year that I'll never forget.

     Rachel Lonetti


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